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Spas & Spa Additions

A Spa can be the feature that makes a swimming pool a truly luxurious experience. Kelly Pools offers the option to include a Spa with your swimming pool, which can be built with cost efficiency during a pool construction project. We can also build a Spa Addition on to a previously constructed pool for clients looking to add to their pool experience.

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Available Features

Spill-Over Spa

Our most popular Spa style is a Spill-Over Spa, where a raised Spa spills water into the pool for an elegant look and feel.

Hydrotherapy Jets

Spas feature hydrotherapy jets with a powerful pump for additional water pressure.

Colored Lighting

Set the ambience for your Spa with colored lighting of your choice.



Easily control the temperature of your Spa with gas or electric heat.

Automation System

Operate all the features of your Spa from a remote system or mobile device.  


Choose from flush or raised spa shapes like octagon, round, square, rectangle, horseshoe, half-moon and cat’s eye for a Spa that’s your favorite style.

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